Nestled away in a remote part of Henderson (actually its on Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite 100) is a gem of a breakfast and lunch getaway that will satisfy the foodies and those just looking for something a bit on the wild side. Here you will find not 1 but 6 different types of Eggs Benedict, including Corned Beef Bread Pudding Benedict, Smoked Salmon Benedict, and Portabello Benedict.

The place is small. You could almost call it quaint if it wasn’t hidden a group of buildings that remind me of Silicon Valley incubator offices. But who cares or even remembers what kind of wrapping paper was on that treasured gift you received. Its what’s inside that counts.

You can get your breakfast sandwich, pancakes and bacon, or Huevos Rancheros. But you can also get some delicious Crispy Baked Berry French Toast which you will not find on the menu at IHOP, or even Green Eggs & Spam! For lunch there is a Triple Decker Turkey Club, or for the more adventurous, Peruvian Loma Saltado and BibimBap, which is, of course, Galbi marinated flank steak, served with vegetables and house kimchi, and a host of other goodies. You will also find a large variety of burgers and tacos, including Shrimp Tempura and Crispy Fish tacos prepared with flair and flavor.


Venture back behind the Simply Vegas real estate office at 1770 Horizon Ridge Parkway and you will be grateful that you did.

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Served in Henderson Review

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