This blog is going to be about more than cameras, video, cool locations. In other words it may be geeky at times but that will never be the focus.

Its in that vein that I choose to write a restaurant review for this week’s blog. Unfortunately, I have no video or even pictures to show but I will provide a link to the restaurant I am reviewing at the end of the article and you can check out there menu.

As a preface I do not pretend to pass myself as a gourmand or even a foodie (is there a difference?). I’m not even much of a cook myself but I know what I like and I know when I’m getting good service or I’m getting scammed. For the most part any food review I do will be positive but will highlight a particularly bad establishment if I think they deserve it.


I love asian food, specifically Chinese and Thai. I’ll eat anything that comes with a delicious peanut sauce! My favorite Thai place in Las Vegas (or anywhere else for that matter) is Archi’s. Yes, you read that right: Archi’s. Sounds like a 50’s themed dive with a comic book character for its logo, right? I can assure you the Pad Thai from this Zagat-rated eatery is absolutely filled with flavor and texture that will have your mouth singing! They will tell you there food is 100% authentic and they do not believe in “fusion” that is, combining elements from other cultures. I have to take their word for that as I have not been to Thailand but I’m sure its true.

They have several entres and all give you a choice of meat including chicken, pork, or beef. Or you can have them with shrimp or tofu. You can even combine meat or seafood for a little extra.

In short, without going to deep into the weeds here, check it out. If Thai is your thing or if you are looking for a refreshing change, try Archi’s. They have 3 locations placed around the west side of Las Vegas. You may have to drive a bit but its worth the travel time.


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Archi’s Thai Restaurant

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